We love software & we love bringing ideas to life!



The simple joy of working with code and ideas to the creation of ProductFitter, a team dedicated to building good products for good people.

We make mobile & desktop software. We design beautiful websites. Most importantly we craft unique, engaging user-experiences.

We are big believers in an ‘early and often’ approach to deploying software. We prefer to ship a minimal feature set that users can engage with and improve on it.

We are dedicated to quality. We aim to deliver software that ‘just works’.

Our relationships are super-important. We wake up each morning to work with people we like to build software we like.

…And that’s pretty much why we do what we do.

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We take time to understand your business objectives & needs. We work with you to uncover the right approach for interacting with your target audience through web & mobile channels. We aim to deliver innovative solutions that meet your target audience’s expectations.
Our team combines front-end design with web & mobile development skills. We’re software professionals who understand the importance of delivering real value for your web & mobile investments. We have a track record of delivering on-time and to-budget.