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We love our clients! It’s thanks to you that we’re in business. Thank you for trusting us with your digital experiences.


Our experience
Since 2010, we’ve been lucky to work on a diverse range of projects.

We have developed software solutions for entreprenuers, SME’s and public companies. In every case, we learned something, and we’re proud of the results we delivered. We’ve worked on

All kinds of apps, websites and solutions from Consumer facing & corporate websites, business tools, integrations, and a range of eCommerce solutions
In a broad range of industries such as food, fashion, finance and healthcare.
With organizations of all sizes
Offering all kinds of products and services, from security tags to flowers, and from windows to insurance

In many countries. So far we’ve worked with clients in 4 continents from the US to Germany, from Switzerland to Thailand, and from South Africa to Brazil. We love working with international clients.
Working with a broad range of technology platforms, from .net/c#, to js, to ios, to node, angular, mongodb and more
Across a bunch of use cases: from number crunching reporting, analysis & financial systems to apis & integrations, to branding projects, consumer facing apps, eCommerce and more

While experience is good, we also bring creativity, a strategic understanding of goals, and a craftsman-like approach to delivering results for our clients.


Design, with care


Case Studies
custom software solutions

Here are technical case studies from some of our custom software projects. If you’re wondering whether we have the right experience for a certain kind of project, get in touch and we’ll give you a straight answer.

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