Data Visualization Tools

data visualization tools

Data visualization

We’ve worked on a number of data intensive projects over the years that required charts and graphics to visualize the data. Having a simple way to show data in visual charts and graphs is extremely powerful. We’ve all seen how viral the right use of infographics and or an interactive chart in a website can be. The Economist infographics are a favorite of mine for clear and compelling data visualizations.

Here’s a couple of tools you may or may not have heard of that can help you build your data visualizations.

Tableau is one of the early innovators in this space. They’ve got a great product which makes it simple to create data visualizations from databases and large data sets and a ton more use cases. You just drag and drop fields to x/y-axis, think making charts in excel, except possibly easier! There’s paid version and a free version also, called Tableau public.

Highcharts is a stunningly beautiful javascript library for making charts (and there’s a range of related products for maps, stocks etc ). Highcharts requires some knowledge on writing code and definitely takes longer to set up than using data visualization software, like the two mentioned above, but having invested the time, you get amazing charts for your website or app.

Prototyping data visualizations for an app
In our last post, we discussed prototyping data models. A nice way to prototype data visualizations may be to start with a tool like Tableau or Getbulb, then if the chart or graphic needs to be displayed in an app, consider the appropriate tools to use to write the code and visualize the data depending on whether you need the charts in a web, mobile or desktop.

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