Enterprise apps: making the ‘mundane’, sexy and exciting

Monitoring servers and apps

Enterprise apps making mundane sexy exciting.

There’s more interesting ways to spend your time, right?
Maybe, but that’s why software that automatically monitors performance for you is not just mundane, but sexy!

Case in point:

Enterprise apps making mundane sexy exciting

Just check out the opening statement on the homescreen: ‘App Performance Increases Happiness!’

Question: Does App Performance increase Happiness?
* For users, a Huge Yes.
* For the software supplier, a Resounding Yes.

So all round, app performance does increase happiness.

Not only that but by going the extra mile of providing a user experience where you sift through Big amounts of Data, AND make it easy to understand AND you learn more about app performance as you do it, the actual function of monitoring app performance becomes a happy experience!

In my humble opinion, that is a gift that software brings to the enterprise World… making mundane, routine tasks, sexy! And empowering the people who manage the tasks, with better information, faster so that their work experience is more enjoyable!

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