“Everything should be an app”

Everything should be an app

App world

I had a great conversation yesterday with two fantastic innovators in the online video sector. The comment came up ‘Everything should be an app’!

‘Everything should be an app’, I thought, wait a minute…

Let’s do some quick mental exercises:

  • ‘A walk/run’ – yes, a walk/run now has an app
  • ‘Eating’ – yep, certainly a lot of apps for this
  • ‘Sleeping’- yep, plenty of apps to monitor/help/track your sleep.
  • ‘Talking’ = plenty of apps for this.
  • ‘Health’- yes, our friends at NotesFirst website have one of the best apps around for this.
  • A couple more common activities came to mind, and needless to say, there’s apps for it!

What about products?

  • ‘Loyalty apps’, ‘purchasing apps’, ‘group purchasing apps’, b2b supply chain apps, informational sites and all the ways you can think of to buy and track purchases and fufillment- plenty of apps there.

Houses, jobs, dates, exercise, events, banking, investment, insurance, entertainment- there’s an app for it!

The amount of ideas and innovation that has been generated in the past 20 years since the internet came online is simply mind-blowing.

The big opportunity for business leaders and entrepreneurs now is to focus on execution. There was plenty of social networks before Facebook, and there will be plenty of ‘X’ apps before yours. Did Van Gogh care that other people had painted a chair before him? Focus on execution.

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