How to plan a software application


How to plan an App

here is a very short and simple approach for planning a software application!

1. Write down the list of things the website must be able to do based on what your target customers want. This is called your list of Functional Requirements– this would include things like user registration – (sign up/ login/ forgot password) and payments – (payment processing/thank you page/invoice).

2. Create the basic layout for each of the main pages in your software application- these basic layouts are called Wireframes. You can use powerpoint or a wireframing tool like balsamiq to create these.

3. Add the Wireframes to the list of Functional Requirements and start describing each Wireframe in writing. For example,… “the Login page contains two fields – one for the email address and one for the password and a button that says “Login”. A registered user can login by entering their registered email address and password and then by clicking on login.” Boring but necessary!

4. Talk your software development team, work out a budget and set milestones for developing the software application to delivery deadlines.

5. Once the budget and delivery deadlines are acceptable, the fun begins!

Plan software application

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