Innovation by Travelling


Innovation travelling.

Have you ever noticed how fresh you feel after a trip to an interesting place? Reinvigorated, filled with new ideas and inspirations, finding new perspectives on old problems… Travelling helps you innovate!

You look out the window of the plane, see the clouds, see the tiny roads and hills beneath you and start understanding the World just a little more…

I’m just back from a trip to Brazil, which is now one of my favorite countries! I saw so much innovation there… different ways to eat and enjoy restaurants (mmmm Churrasco, in how public spaces are used, like this former Quarry converted into a site for an Opera House, to new ways to finance purchases using parceled payments.

I think travelling has to be one of my favorite ways to innovate. Not only do you get to learn about a new place and meet great people, you get to think about things in a different way

Innovation travelling

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