iPhone vs Android UI Design Part 1


iPhone x Android UI

Writing an SMS on an iPhone 4 versus on a Samsung Galaxy Ace
iPhone 1 – Android 0

There’s lots of difficult user interface design choices that we, as web developers and designers, make everyday. Allow me give you just one example of this: the iPhone and Android mobile touchscreen keyboards. Let’s get more specific and look at what happens when you attempt to write an sms message with an iPhone versus writing on a Samsung Galaxy Ace Android phone.

The iPhone designers decided to put a really big space bar at the bottom of the keyboard. There’s also two other buttons: one for the numbers keyboard, and the other for the return key.

In a similar sized space, the Android designers decided to add SIX buttons!! Alongside the space bar, numbers keyboard button and return key, there’s a full stop key in the middle, as well as a settings button and a microphone button. I can understand the full stop, but the other two just seem a bit much… So let’s see what happen’s when you try to type an sms.
Firstly on the iPhone, yes… i’m writing my text and everything is fine, this is easy! Now let’s see what happens when you try and write an sms on the Android phone… Aarrgh, you end up hitting the full stop key when you mean to hit the space key!

iPhone vs Android UI Design

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