Our 4 week journey from a freemium app to an enterprise focus – a shift in mindset

The shift

Journey freemium app enterprise focus

The past few weeks have been an interesting learning experience.We recently launched new software. I had to stop writing the software with the rest of the dev team (weep). Now I focus primarily on promoting our service and providing devoted customer service.

Man, it was hard to tear me away from writing code. At the same time, the software is getting better without me, so it’s definitely for the greater good! Also, when I get deep into writing code, and the phone rings, I can be one intense dude (sorry to anyone who ever experienced that!). Not a good way to promote something. Now that I’m mostly talking to people, instead of computers, I’m nicer too! 🙂

In the past 4 weeks, since The Shift, I’ve gone through a few key turning points in realizing what we are offering and how we deliver it to our customer. I thought it might be cool to document this for other teams launching a product. Or maybe it’s just for me to learn more by writing it down.

Week one

I’m still coding for most of each day. We’ve got a free version of the software and that’s how we are going to attract our users. I’m going to email people, maybe young wholesale companies who will embrace the genius of our software! I’m going to tell them a bit about the software and send them a link to signup. There’s a free version. How can they resist?

Week Two

Very few signups. We do have a few customers who are using our software thanks to Universe! I’ve starting going to local businesses and telling them about our software. I end with ‘And there’s a free verison’… thinking I’ve just given the ultimate hook.

Week Three

Very few signups. Visiting local businesses telling them I have free software for them definitely not working. I realize our customers have a lot of questions, and it’s great to interact and answer them. It’s fun to talk with the customers. I’m also learning more about how people use and want to use the software. I realise good customer service is crucial for our customers and for us.

While we had ‘how to guides’ and stuff on the iStockist website from the start, great email and phone support makes all the difference. I’m beginning to ‘serve the customer’. My week one mindset would have been to answer questions by sending our user’s a link to the relevant page in our docs. ‘They can figure it out and I’m busy coding’ I would have thought.
The epiphany…

The service is just as important as the software!

Week Four

I still love that we provide a freemium version of the software. Some of our favourite services do it like Stripe and we want to make it just as easy to jump on board with us as they do.

However my focus is now on ‘what are the things an organization needs to plan, deploy and roll-out software like ours?’ Organizations need a combination of
– people stuff like service, support, documentation and training, combined with
– process stuff like how does this fit into our current systems and the way we do things
as well as a great product.

Captain’s Log- Star Date 17.44, 15 Sep 2016

We can better serve organizations, not just by providing them with great software, but also with the ways and means to make the software work great for them.
The great challenge now is balancing the right level of service with efficiencies to ensure organizations get great value for money as well as good service in every aspect of working with us.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us.
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