Managing social media with Tweetdeck!

When I first downloaded tweetdeck on my desktop I wasn’t totally taken with it… It just seemed weird to have to boot up a desktop app to use twitter and facebook… Now with Tweetdeck in Google Chrome, I’m blown away… What an awesome app!

Recently a national Sunday newspaper article covered one of the companies we work with. There was positive feedback immediately on Twitter and on our Facebook page. Without Tweetdeck, managing the coverage would have taken twice as long and involved a lot of painful clicking back and forth on multiple browser tabs.

With Tweetdeck I was responding to comments on Twitter like I was driving a fast car down a German autobahn… with efficiency, super-speed and in full control!!

For those of you who haven’t tried Tweetdeck, try it now! You get one slick interface where you can see all your posts, direct messages and mentions from your Twitter, Facebook as well as Google Buzz and Foursquare accounts in one place. You can respond to anyone in any of your accounts from within the Tweetdeck interface.

You can respond from one twitter account or multiple twitter accounts. You can even set up searches so that any mention of your brand anywhere on Twitter appears instantly in your Tweetdeck….. Awesome!! 10/10

managing social media tweetdeck

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