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Looking for a way to promote your web or mobile app? Here’s the latest advance in scientific method.
There’s a new Periodic Table… of Content Marketing 🙂 created by Chris Lake at eConsultancy. It seems to me like a great checklist for mobile and web app promotion.
I found it tricky to read through all of the elements on the chart, so I’ve listed them below for your convenience.

The Periodic Table of Content Marketing, by Chris Lake.

Mobile and web app promotion

1. Strategy (yellow):

Take some time to define a strategy

  • Content Strategy

2. Formats (orange):

Figure out the formats you plan on using
-> Article, Video, Image, Event, Game, Tool, Print, E-Learning, Slideshow, Visualisation, Press Release, Webinar, App, Ebook, Social, Email.

3. Content type (pink):

Think about the content types that will appeal to your audience. Do your research. Brainstorm ideas. Create.

  • How to based, Interviews, Quizzes, Reviews, Ask the experts, Experiments, Definitions, Questions-based, Resources, Productivity, Glossaries, Galleries, Timesaving, Linkbait, Fun, Data, Mindmaps, Best Practice, Hivemind-based, Templates, Product-based, Frameworks, Compilations, Event-based, Beginner’s guides, Surveys, Testimonials, Case Study, Research, Inspiration, Analysis, Demos, Stats, Trends, Opinion, Fiction, Newsjacking, Debates, Competitions, Checklists, Gifs.

4. Platform (blue):

Share your content across key distribution /social platforms.

  • Website, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, Blogs, Facebook, Vimeo, Imgur, Hacker News, Offline Media, Linkedin, Google+, Vine, Partner Sales, Microsite, Pinterest, Forums, Slideshare, Advertising, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr.

5. Metrics (green):

Track the key metrics

  • Page Views, New Leads, Brand Metrics, Unique Visitors, Downloads, Reputation Metrics, New Visitors, Cost per Lead, PR Metrics, Acquisition metrics, Bounce rate, Key Pages, Demographic Metrics, Retention Metrics, Search metrics, New Members, Social Metrics, Engagement metrics

6. Goals (neon blue):

map these to your goals.

  • Traffic, Leads, Branding, Sales, Search, Members, Shares, Engagement.

7. Triggers (pastel green)

Be aware of the main sharing triggers. Be sure to work the emotions.

  • Funny, Sexy, Shocking, Moving, Unbelievable, Controversial, Cool, Illuminating, Random, Zeitgeist, Cute, Uplifting, Disgusting.

7. Checklist (pastel blue)

Always double-check your work.

  • Search queries, Search optimization, Copy editing, Formatting, Headline optimization, Tone of Voice, Brand guidelines, Plain English, Device optimization, Fact-checking, Credit Sources, Calls to action, Invite Feedback.

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