Mobile first, SaaS enterprise apps are winning

Mobile first

Mobile first enterprise apps winning.

Interesting article on the current situation and opportunities in the Enterprise Applications market from DFJ, a venture capital firm with a strong presence in Ireland.

The market opportunity:

  • Enterprise software is a billion dollar market which is dominated by a small handful of very large and 20+ year-old vendors.
  • Due to the profound technological shifts, these giants are vulnerable to disruption.

The two big shifts:

Software as a Service removes two big hurdles:
1. enterprise software no longer requires manual deployment (instant access) and
2. It can be purchased with a credit card (doesn’t need much budgetary approval to get started)

Mobile First is increasingly important

  • Enterprises increasingly recognize the needs for their people to access software via mobile.
  • The incumbant SaaS vendors do not have adequate mobile offerings, which has created a wedge in the market for mobile optimized/mobile first offerings.
Mobile first enterprise apps winning.

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