Mobile wearables: google android wear SDK

Mobile wearables

Mobile wearables google android wear sdk

Google have released a beta software development kit for Android ‘wearables’ enabling developers to extending android functionality to wearable devices like wristwatches/bands etc.

It’s based a lot around:
1. Voice -> meaning (if you’re from outside of the USA) keep practicing your american accent, so that your new android watch can understand you! 🙂
2. Contextual information -> so there’ll be even more localized apps… expect lots of gps related features etc.

See how far you are from your next meeting (Oh no I’m late!…)
Mobile wearables google android wear sdk

There’s also strong emphasis is on fitness/well being, with a fitness API under development for wearable devices to communicate with android smart phones.

It’s going to be interesting to see the end-product, but it’s already looking pretty sexy. Can’t remember the last time I wore a watch but I might start again, now that it’s getting smart!

Promo video:

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