Netflix Signup page – an appreciation


Netflix has recently opened their service to the Irish market and I get the feeling that Netflix is going to gobble up market share pretty quickly. Just take a look at this nifty little landing page above.

First check out that bright red background color- it’s attention-grabbing and feels a bit like the curtains of a cinema screen! Now look at that headline, and ask yourself: ‘unlimited films and tv episode for €6.99 a month? Pretty good, right! Then right underneath, that most beautiful thing: ‘wait a minute, I can try Netflix for FREE?!’

Boom… I can watch it anywhere: TV, PC, iPhone, Playstation,sweet! ‘Watch as much as you like- it’s unlimited! – Hey wait a minute, that was my next question!

Blah, Blah 100,000 people joining every week, WOAH!
Cancel in 3 clicks – ‘I like that’

See what your friends are watching on facebook – hhhmmm no thanks, but I can see where you’re coming from. Thousands of films and TV episodes including these- dude, it looks like contents of the local video shop in there for €7 a month!

Awww, check out that family eating popcorn and watching Netflix on their widescreen. Start your one month free trial… Netflix, you have me!

In short, this landing page does every a landing page should… Grabs your attention, answers your questions, tells you why to take action AND pulls you into taking action!!

Netflix, this is an appreciation for your mastery of the art of the landing page!

Netflix signup page.

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