Prototyping Data Models

Prototyping data models

Date models

Prototyping data models

In user experience/ user interface design, prototyping is the norm, we intuitively know it makes sense to draft the design first, then do the full scale, detailed version.

At ProductFitter, before we code a user interface, we use wireframes to map out the layouts, and design the screens as images and test them with our audience before we write any code as part of our design prototyping process.

Similar techniques can be applied with data, in fact it is getting easier and easier to do. We highly recommend data driven prototyping as a standard practice for a wide variety of use cases.

From prototyping data visualisations using tools like Tableau, to using trusty excel to map out pricing models, to using static json to work with in client apps before building out the interaction with a rest api, the more we can model our data assumptions with prototypes first, the more risk we remove from our app development projects.

Ensuring we understand the data model before we code, saves time, money and importantly avoids wasted effort!

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