Reading fiction makes you a better marketer!

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Until recently, I spent a period of about 3 years only reading serious, non-fiction books. I read about customer development, web business models, and inbound marketing. I read about the housing crisis, the rise of China and the history of civilization. I read it all – once it was serious, relevant and helped me to learn something new.

Then about 6 months ago, I picked up a spy book by John Le Carre, an awesome writer! The content were beautifully written, thoughtful and completely irrelevant. I read about double crossing British spys secretly working for the Russian secret service and innocent bystanders getting caught up in the chaos.

And suddenly I could write again… Getting caught up in an imaginary fictional world, you start paying attention to the phrases that captivate, the descriptions that inspire and the psychology at play behind every word.

No longer did reading and writing seem like a monotonous input/output system for communicating data. Suddenly expression became important, and the music of language returned to my writing.

If anyone is struggling with their copywriting, here’s a tip. Go buy a fictional book you haven’t read since you were a teenager, and let the words sing out of you!

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