Selling online

“I just stopped by…”

Once upon a time, salespeople went door to door selling good and services. Interrupting meals, work and conversations, the door bell would ring with the sound of an unwanted guest.

People, understandingly upset at being interrupted would engage in a confrontational conversation with the salesperson, who would do their best to calm the person and show the benefits of why they stopped by.

“Come on in, how can I help you?…”

Over time, people realised that the best way to attract customers was to offer them an attractive premises to come over and view their offerings. The retail outlet was born and successful businesses spent their time and effort finding the best layout for their shops and offices to impress and entice customers.

Unfortunately customers would often find that the local retail outlet did not have what they need, and they were shut in the time that they could go there.

“Click to buy…”

Businesses had to face the fact that they could never service all of their potential customers all the time … Or could they? Just in time, the internet was born, giving customers the opportunity to make orders from anywhere without the need to travel or fit the retail outlets schedule.

Business could be done at any time and any place… once you were connected… This left only one challenge…¬†How do you get people to buy from your business online.

Selling online

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