B2B eCommerce for manufacturers and distributors


If you distribute products to stockists, give them a treat. Instead of emailing PDFs/excels with price lists and accepting orders by email, fax, SMSand phone, there is a better way.

You can send your stockists a link to your online ordering portal, and allow them to order from you online. Thus, eliminating the voice mails and the back-and-forth on missing order details.

75% of stockists we visited said they would love their suppliers to provide a online searchable product catalogue with prices and product codes.

iSTOCKIST gives you a global platform to sell more via online orders and manage more stockists. Furthermore, you get innovative tools to promote products, and increase order sizes.

With iSTOCKIST, you’re in control, big time. You can set different price lists and product ranges for different customer groups, as well as setting different minimum order sizes, currencies and even custom order flows.

100% of stockists who currently use online ordering with one supplier, would prefer use online ordering with their other suppliers.


Supplier features include

  • Group your stockists: Each group can access a different product range, price list, minimum order size, currency and more.
  • Price list management: You can copy an existing price list to use as the basis for a new one. You can export it to PDF/excel for stockists who want to stay old-school.
  • Order history and exporting orders: Bulk export orders in .csv format for your financial systems. (API also available.)
  • Content Management: You can upload images & product information just like you’d expect. Bulk import available.
  • …and that’s just scratching the surface. There’s a lot of flexibility built in. We’ll happily brainstorm with you and provide some ideas about how iSTOCKIST might work best for you and your customers.

iSTOCKIST features include

  • Reorder: Copy an existing order and use it as a the basis for a new one.
  • Order via mobile: Search & browse your product catalogue, tap in the order quantity quickly on-the-go.
  • Order via desktop: Stockists get a different desktop view which makes typing in product quantities and searching via keyboard and mouse smooth and quick.
  • View order history: Full view of their order history. Each stockist can have several users, and it’s clearly indicated which user placed the order. You can even include customer signatures in the order process if you wish.
  • …most important, we’re continuously improving iSTOCKIST for you and your stockists. Traditional eCommerce is more focused on once-off purchases to consumers. We’re delivering an experience that’s just right for repeat, high-volume orders from your stockists.


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