Software as Business Transformation – How deep to dive?

Software as business transformation

Often, the use case for a new app comes from revisiting an existing problem with newly available technologies.

‘Our guys never use a laptop in the field, it takes too long to boot up and it’s too heavy to carry around, however they’d love to use a tablet!’

Sometimes from deploying this new app, a whole new mindset and range of possibilities opens up.

‘Instead of our employees going door-to-door inputting all of the data, maybe our customers would be happy to do it for us, if we give them a simple app to work with.’

The utility companies are doing self-service web apps brilliantly, for example Airtricity in Ireland with their electricity and gas meter readings. Not only does the customer become part of the business model by submitting the energy consumption meter reading, but the customer is also empowered by having access to billing and energy consumption information in the same web portal.

Going a step further, with the growing usage of internet–enabled devices (Internet of Things), getting input from the customer becomes something automated, for example for businesses in Ireland, it is already possibly to install smart meters that send the readings to the utility company without the need for a ‘people powered’ input process.

Isn’t she a beauty?
software as business transformation

Now the customer doesn’t need to submit readings, and even better there are usually ways to add value for the customer with these new developments and give them fun and powerful ways to engage with a smart internet connected device remotely for example.

In short, the right software and tech offerings, layered strategically, and implemented in small, incremental steps, can play a powerful role as part of a larger business transformation effort.

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