Wire-framing with Balsamiq

Wire framing Balsamiq.

Balsamiq is a beautiful tool that makes it easy to make wire frames for web and mobile apps. It’s also an example of how good ‘Keep it Simple’ style software can be. You will get you head around this app in no time.

On their website, Balsamiq compare their mockups product to the ease of writing on a whiteboard. I think it is infinitely more pleasurable to use Balsamiq’s ui library than to try and draw text fields on a whiteboard!!

What is more the community section at Balsamiq is lively and informative. It’s very cool to see customers and the company discussing ideas for future development of the product. This product comes with a 7 day free trial and retails at After day two I’m already convinced. Big thumbs up for Balsamiq!

Wire framing Balsamiq

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