Our Work

Our work
Research, Design, Technology, and Growth




Through our work, we develop a deep understanding of the current state of technology in a diverse section of industries. This enables us to make investments that deliver a high rate of return for ourselves and our clients.

What we do

We research and analyze technology and how it is used across sectors
We build and operate software ourselves and on behalf of clients.
We invest in R&D to better understand the latest developments in emerging technologies like machine learning and blockchain
We follow macro growth trends across many technologies and understand the nuances of who’s offering what within a sector

Our perspective

1We’re living an a time of unparalleled innovation across fintech, the ‘battery’ decade’, robotics, artificial intelligence
2The greatest opportunity is in aligning with the best companies & technologies, and innovating where possible
3We participate as investors, developers, and users of technology, as this gives us the most flexibility, openness and creativity

Our Process

Market & Strategy

We aim to understand the current conditions, headwinds and tailwinds facing a market.

In times of unprecedented change, opportunities and risks come not only in the size of the addressable market and the set of participants, but also in terms of regulatory pressures and the macro environment.

We look at the strategies and technologies that different participants take, and make calculated investments in what we see as the most likely outcomes.


We value product design as a core technology strength or weakness. When the user experience matches customer expectations, the real magic happens.

Design advantage is a principle a reason consumers choose one product over another, and it’s a principle reason, the team at ProductFitter invests in one participant over another.


Software is getting deeper into the bones of most industries. The companies who can build the best software will win.

Furthermore, software evolves constantly. It is important to innately understand the latest software capabilities, not just in terms of the technology stacks available, but also the infrastructure and software partners.


We invest in public companies who we believe will grow at a rate of 20% over more annually over the coming 5 years.

We focus on startups who are cash flow positive, which is perhaps slightly contradictory to the above, but there you go.

In crypto, we believe winners are emerging, and we’re hodl’ing those! 🙂